Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The end of all things. Well for today at least.

I s'pose the main thing is to seek the LORD and do HIS will. After watching a few episodes of Star Trek, that would be the logical thing to do. And I really believe it is the right thing to do, plus the best thing a son could do too.
You know LORD JESUS, you are so cool, but there are times YOUR ways look from my view to be so strange.
Give me strength dear LORD to stand for YOU, and not this world. To honor YOU, and not myself. To seek YOU, and not others. Then I can better stand in this world, and be strong in my weakness, and serve others as YOU need me to do. You made me, LORD GOD, please use me.
This is david out for the day. Take me home tonight, or use me tomorrow. Night all.

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