Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I'm just toooo lazy to shave. It's been about a week now, and my necks itchy and, well,TOO BAD. 
Ha, I don't mind at all. But I'm off to the You Yangs on Sat. to do some MTBing with mates, and I s'pose I should clean up by then. 
Ow yeah the bike is still a mess from last weekends ride. Which was fun. 
Well I'm outta here, and get some dinny dins. Think the most beautiful G/F will be online tonight. So I better shower, and make myself smell all pretty. Lol. That's funny cause it's the internet and she cant smell me and all that and Im a goose. lol again. 
GOD bless you all,and may HE always be on your thoughts, cause your always on HIS. 
Yeah that may sound a little lame, but it is so very true. Ow yeah. 
Bless all-me out.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The seventeenth it is today. 
I thikn that think is spelt wrong way. 
No prob. I will just type away.
And ponder a pincher boiled Cray.
Ha laugh out now cause sky so gray.
This Melbourne weather is so gay.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10 August

It has been so long since my last Blog. I feel like an old friend has just come in from out of town. Or I've opened up a long closed tome. Maybe it's like finding a photo at the back of a drawer. Really truth be known, I just haven't gotten around to getting here for a natter. 
Well I've been busy facebooking most nights with my lovely girlfriend, who seems to be in love with me. And this is a good thing one would assume, cause if I'm not mistaken, my Lord has put this wonderful lady upon my heart. 
I think I'm smiling a heck of a lot more. And looks like I will be hanging around the planet longer than I expected. That is only by HIS grace though. Praise the LORD. 
If only so many things had been different. But my life could be run by "If only". So here I am on the ragetty edge,{Serenity} just seeing with my eyes, listening with my ears, and feeling with my heart. 
My beautiful and wonderful saviour JESUS CHRIST is leading me on for HIS purpose. The near future is a mystery. The eternal future is a promise. And the journey I take from one to the other involves pain and happiness. 

YOU know my LORD all the ways of man. So YOU know my ways. I ask that by the most wonderful HOLY SPIRIT I am guided and shown each day with a thankful heart and everlasting gratitude to YOU for all YOU have done for me. Without YOU LORD GOD, I would be lost and alone. Neither of which I am now. Always with me, always loving me, always guiding me. 
I love YOU LORD JESUS for this life YOU have placed inside what I call 'me'.
Thank YOU always.....amen

Well I have bible school tonight, and I must leave to prepare myself for this. Ow yeah.
Getting my van serviced tomorrow, and Thursday I go to celebrate the life of my Auntie Bobby. 
Dear LORD, comfort Uncle Pete , and all around him.Auntie Bobby was old school upright and always nice to me. She did so much for those less fortunate than herself. May she be with YOU now in Glory. 
Bless all. Me out.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Saturdays ride

Well this is after the social ride on sat. At the shop, TrailMix, and warming by the heater, I was bailed up by one of the guys I have know for years. He asked me about my religion and why I am the way I am. 
He said I was one of the few Christians he knew who he saw as real and true. 
I was sort of shocked at this. My CHRIST was talking to my mate via my live. 
I spoke to him, and talked about my life with CHRIST as my Saviour. 
I mean I am just a guy who loves his LORD, but screws up life like everyone else. 
If GOD can use a person like me to influence people, then HE can so easily use you. 
I thank my LORD daily for HIS love for me. 
Please don't let any more time go by before you talk to GOD. Talk to HIM about anything. Just start to let yourself be drawn to HIS most beautiful love. 
Bless you all, me out. 
Last week as I was entering Lysterfield to go for a MTB ride, I passed a bus leaving. It had seniors on board who had been for a picnic [i assume]. My first thought was so bad. I was glad they were leaving so they would not be in my way and I wouldn't have to see them. 
I gotta tell you , I was so taken back by my thought. I don't know where that came from, and it just made me sick to hear me say that. 
I felt, and feel so wretched.
Straight away I started to pray to GOD and ask HIS forgiveness. I was crying at what I had done.
So left field and wrong. 
The HOLY SPIRIT just reassured me and told me that I was to be a servant to all, and the least of the least. That I was to sacrifice my life for anyone who is on my path. 
The promise of GOD is for me and you. HE leads and corrects. HE loves me and you so very much. No matter if we are young or old. Handicapped or not. 
There is such a blessing to know also, that if we mess up in life, that we just need to go to HIM and confess our sins, that he is quick to forgive us. 
Praise my saviour JESUS CHRIST for HIS love. 
Amen and me out.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


At what point does need become want which leads to desire, that flows back to need?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today in a nut shell

I was sooo tired at work today. Like I was in some sort of fog. And it was cold also. S'pose I should wear long pants instead of shorts. lol.
Saw the Physio, who besides inflicting lots of pain on me, was also full of good advice about my love life and relationships. lol again to that. 
Went and gave blood too. Always a fun thing to do. Plus there is cordial and those little cheese wedges at the end. Didnt feel light headed like I usually do after the red stuff gets drained out. 
Home and lunch on the couch watching a movie. I woke up at 6pm. Man alive what a sleep. Ha, I think I needed that soooo much. 
Talked to the girlfriend on line, and it didn't go to well. I told her that if GOD is not for us it just wont work out. And she took that badly. That sucks, but if this aint the will of my father in heaven, then it will not work out. And if HE is not the center or my life, then I would eventually be sad no matter how great our lives would be together.
Hard call, but so true.
So its time for bed, and tomorrow will hold another set of adventures for me. I pray my LORD  will drop into my heart HIS path for my life. To honour HIM above all.
Bless you all, and hugs all around. Me out


Monday, July 19, 2010

So long

It seems so long since I last wrote here. Ah but that's ok, cause this is my Blog, not yours. 
What has happened? Well I have a girlfriend now. And that's pretty cool. Well she lives in the Philippines and that's not so cool. She says she loves me, and thats pretty cool.But I wont see her till next year, and that's not cool.
It seems a bit complicated, so I wont go into all the details.
But one thing I know is that I haven't been this happy for many years. It's such an amazing feeling. I used to feel like this heaps.But life seemed to slowly suck the joy out through every pore in my body. 
Hey don't get me wrong, my walk with my JESUS has been the best thing to ever happen to me, but it's the application of knowing HIM that changes things. It's the realization of HIS love for me that totally spins my mind every day. 
That joy is sooo cool, and deeper that anything this world could ever give me. 
But this girl is in my head and working her way into my heart. They are places that have been so emotionally damaged for years now. It's like GOD has laid this blessing upon my life. 
Now if anything eventuates for us, then that would be fantastic. But I so want it to be at GODS timing, and only by HIS will. 
Anything else.....I don't want!
Anyhoo me out. Ow and GOD bless you all.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


A real hot pot of Lemongrass tea, 
just sitting there right next to me. 
I love that stuff with smell divine,
like aromatic heavens wine.

My dragon tea pot holds the brew,
of leaves chopped up into a stew.
From here the scent fills air and nose,
infusing sense  and warming toes.

To share with you my pot of char,
my heart would soar and fly so far.

Monday, July 12, 2010


What a day so far. Uni games at work and busy as. Had to clean 2 rather filthy toilets. Worst I've seen in years. Some people must be anatomicaly built very strange. lol.
Went  to get a Chai Latte from the Den. And the lady there asked me if I was gay. Apparently she reaconed Chai Latte is a gay drink. So I asked for it in a dirty mug. 
Got a call and a text from my Cel. Whoot to that. Why can't I call her? Sucks.
Went for a ride at Lysterfield. Did the Drain twice, and all over the place. The tracks are butter at the moment. But rain is forcast for next few days. doh to that. But Janice rode so well. { My bikes called Janice.}
Got a text from a mate who I send scriptures to every day. I didn't today, so he reminded me. And as I had just ridden to the top of a big hill, I told him to look up Revelation about being and overcomer. Cool how the Holy Spirit moves us to see His example in every day happenings. Ow Rev.2:26, if your interested. 
Back to Trail Mix and the car as a friend rode by and told me she nearly invited me for dinner Sat. nite, cause she had ice-cream. I had said on Facebook how I wanted Ice-cream but didn't have any. And she saw this, but decided not to call me. THAT JUST SUCKS. I mean you don't do that to an ice-cream loving person. It's just not right. Either you feed em or don't tell em. Depression setting in. Lol
Well I'm showered, but not fed. Snags for dinner.
Blessing to you all. Ow did I say that I spent hours yesterday splitting timber at my mates place. My arms and back are killing me. The only part that doesn't hurt is the exdislocated shoulder. Go figure?
You all just keep being as beautiful as ever. May my beautiful LORD move upon your hearts and life.  
Me out.
Ps. The photo of the gum tree with the shadow at the bottom of it....well it may be a wet shadow. Sorry, I drank too much. lol.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ah the morning.

I wonder what my LORD has for me today. What to do? Who to see? Where to go? Tell you later.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Today again

Trying to think of something interesting to say, just to get a comment response from anyone. But alas there seems to be no muse evoking thoughts or notions of wisdom to impart here. 
So I will just ramble on as per usual. 
Why do my friends complain when I lead the way on our mountainbike saturday morning adventures. Is it the hills, or the rocks, or the puddles, or the septic pools of putrid smelling mud, that seem to be infested with mass amounts of efluent and Kangaroo poo. 
Why ow why am I the object of ridicule and abuse, just cause I prefer to go over a rock instead of around it. 
Is it just peer rivalry, or jealous co-riders. 
Or is it cause I make all manner of mistakes and crashes, and yells of high pitched exclamations.
Far be it for me to complain, but maybe it is because when people come on a MTB ride with me,,,then I am sure to do something really,really stupid. lol.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

It is a new day

It is a new day, and I feel really good. It's like a full stop has been placed on a part of my life, and another direction must be faced. It's not that I want that full stop there, but there it is, and move on I must. 
The LORD is really great. Even when I can't quite understand why HE allows some stuff to happen. 
Today I have heard so much bad and sad things from other people about there lives. Friends of mine with such pain. 
And I know my JESUS lets that happen. And I know my JESUS cares for us all. So I know my JESUS has a reason for all of this. 
I think it's our responsibility to seek the LORD and HIS ways, so that we can be a light to those in the darkness of pain. And led them to the majesty and love of CHRIST. 
I found that lots of times this simply starts with tears and a big hug.
Me out. and a big hug to all.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Don't know what to say. Just gotta text from the ex' saying she is engaged. Totally devastated. I feel so al0ne and empty and just wanna die and be with GOD. So broken a feeling. It's like I've been run over by a truck again , and again, and again.  Anyone out there, please just pray for me if you got a chance. I feel so betrayed. And yet I love her sooo much.This sucks bad. 
Still I trust in the LORD. HE is the only reason I'm still hanging around on this planet. I hope HE takes me home tonight. 
But if my JESUS decides to keep me here, I really pray HE shows me what the heck I'm ment to be doing. 
Anyway, crying, depressed, sad, alone. Maybe a great time to press into the HOLY SPIRIT for some of that council, and comfort. 
Me out.

Ps. My life is the LORDS not mine. So it's not mine to take. Don't start thinking there.
  Bless all.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010