Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10 August

It has been so long since my last Blog. I feel like an old friend has just come in from out of town. Or I've opened up a long closed tome. Maybe it's like finding a photo at the back of a drawer. Really truth be known, I just haven't gotten around to getting here for a natter. 
Well I've been busy facebooking most nights with my lovely girlfriend, who seems to be in love with me. And this is a good thing one would assume, cause if I'm not mistaken, my Lord has put this wonderful lady upon my heart. 
I think I'm smiling a heck of a lot more. And looks like I will be hanging around the planet longer than I expected. That is only by HIS grace though. Praise the LORD. 
If only so many things had been different. But my life could be run by "If only". So here I am on the ragetty edge,{Serenity} just seeing with my eyes, listening with my ears, and feeling with my heart. 
My beautiful and wonderful saviour JESUS CHRIST is leading me on for HIS purpose. The near future is a mystery. The eternal future is a promise. And the journey I take from one to the other involves pain and happiness. 

YOU know my LORD all the ways of man. So YOU know my ways. I ask that by the most wonderful HOLY SPIRIT I am guided and shown each day with a thankful heart and everlasting gratitude to YOU for all YOU have done for me. Without YOU LORD GOD, I would be lost and alone. Neither of which I am now. Always with me, always loving me, always guiding me. 
I love YOU LORD JESUS for this life YOU have placed inside what I call 'me'.
Thank YOU always.....amen

Well I have bible school tonight, and I must leave to prepare myself for this. Ow yeah.
Getting my van serviced tomorrow, and Thursday I go to celebrate the life of my Auntie Bobby. 
Dear LORD, comfort Uncle Pete , and all around him.Auntie Bobby was old school upright and always nice to me. She did so much for those less fortunate than herself. May she be with YOU now in Glory. 
Bless all. Me out.

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