Monday, July 26, 2010

Saturdays ride

Well this is after the social ride on sat. At the shop, TrailMix, and warming by the heater, I was bailed up by one of the guys I have know for years. He asked me about my religion and why I am the way I am. 
He said I was one of the few Christians he knew who he saw as real and true. 
I was sort of shocked at this. My CHRIST was talking to my mate via my live. 
I spoke to him, and talked about my life with CHRIST as my Saviour. 
I mean I am just a guy who loves his LORD, but screws up life like everyone else. 
If GOD can use a person like me to influence people, then HE can so easily use you. 
I thank my LORD daily for HIS love for me. 
Please don't let any more time go by before you talk to GOD. Talk to HIM about anything. Just start to let yourself be drawn to HIS most beautiful love. 
Bless you all, me out. 

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