Thursday, April 15, 2010


Praise the LORD. How are you all? Ha, there's no-one there. lol to me. Good few days. The LORD my GOD is so good to me, that I sometimes miss the specialness of my relationship to HIM.
Still lonely and so in love with a lost one. Ow well. Mens group tonight was good. The need to pray so much more. And to just trust in JESUS. And to be bold, and faithful. We all have similar needs and desires.
Dear LORD FATHER GOD, use me for YOUR will, and Kingdom. Ow yeah. Bless my sleep, for the 4hours I will get. Ow I'm tired. lol
Dear GOD, I so miss sex, and intimacy. Sucks to be me. Just to have someone to care for, and to feel close to. Ow deary me, life still goes on. Love to you all. And if the LORD doesn't take me home tonight, then I will do this all again tomorrow. Me out.

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