Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday 28

Dear LORD, I feel most people have something they want to talk about. And if I give them the opening, they will share with me. Sortof.
LORD GOD, this is a strange existence. The heart pain I feel every day at the lose of my ex is so deep and long. When will it ease. It's not that I want to forget her, heck YOU know I want her back.It's just that I miss her so very much. Bumma.
Work was good. If I only had the money, I would travel and sleep-in. Not in that order.
Home from work, and cleaned the gutters, elevated porch plastic, pruned the grape and Wisteria. I even weakened, and put the wall heater on. Ow yeah, the smell of summer dust in the air.
Haven't had a coffee since last wednesday. Phew boy do I want one. Good for me though.
FATHER GOD look out for me. I so much want the touch of her. Help my heart and mind. Strengthen my soul. Lead me in YOUR ways. Cool, thank YOU JESUS. Protect my boys and their beautiful wives. Speak to her heart, and show her YOUR love. Me out.

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