Sunday, April 4, 2010


Well it's Sunday, and it's Moms birthday. Church for a little while, then off to Doyles for a brunch with M&D and sister and B'inlaw, and others. Will be fun.
Had a fun ride yesterday, but hurt my S. It's ok. Thanks for caring. lol.
Still really miss DJEW soo much. I hate being alone. It really sucks.
Got Mon, and Tues off. Sleep-in I think. Ride I think.
A prayer for today:
Dear LORD GOD, YOU made me and gave me life. Please use me today for what ever YOU want. I would rather be in heaven with YOU, than in this crappy place. Still here I am, so use me I pray. I wanna make people smile, and be happy. I think that is a really cool thing to do. Ow yeah. Thank YOU LORD JESUS.
It's Easter, and I remember YOUR sacrifice for me and all mankind. Thank YOU. Me out. Amen. to do my shoulder exercises, and read the word for a while. Day light savings ended today. Me out.

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