Monday, April 26, 2010

What am I to do today?

Well it's Anzac day holiday. Was going to You Yangs with GT, the person, not the bike. Lol. But he did a big ride yesterday, and is stuffed.
I'm washing the bed sheets. Haven't been done for over a year. Ow lol to that. Done my bible reading. Saul killed himself, David is king over the land, and has lots of wives. Damm, I just want one. DAMM DAMM. GOD is king over my heart. And that's a great thing.
Really want to find out what YOU want me to do LORD GOD. It's a pain this life of mine. To have had a beautiful wife and loose her, to have two wonderful boys, and have them grow up, leave home and get married. Good for them, hay don't get me wrong on this, but my life is empty and lonely at home. I really miss the intamacy of marriage. Ow sucks again to be me. lol.
Dear GOD talk to me so I can understand what YOU want of me. Please make it plain to me. Thanks for that.
Well me out for now. Ow yesterday I watched the sun set. Lovely sight. GOD it was weird to think that the whole world was turning, and not the sun moving. Then my oldest reminded me that we are not only turning, but moving through space as well. Ow deep he is.
Praying for him and A as they go 4x4ing with my niece and her family today. Please keep them safe dear LORD. Ta. Me out.

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