Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday 7

Well hello to this day. What happened? I'm still alive.....ow dah.... and still looking to GOD to show me the way. Had a physio appoint. owch to that. But sort of painfully fun. She's cute too, but if my boys read this,,,,then she isn't. lol
Saw exsil in gym, and she gave me the same look I sometimes got from the ex. Made me feel so strange, almost scared. Very weird. It's lonely here all alone and with no one else so I'm alone here. That sucks. Really want someone, but, such is where I'm at. Maybe for the rest of my life. Just can't imagine anyone else except the ex. That's my lot in life now I s'pose. DAMMM.
Not just a pretty really...NOT. Ha to that. Ow well love to you all. Ow wait...there's no one there. Later. me out.

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