Monday, July 19, 2010

So long

It seems so long since I last wrote here. Ah but that's ok, cause this is my Blog, not yours. 
What has happened? Well I have a girlfriend now. And that's pretty cool. Well she lives in the Philippines and that's not so cool. She says she loves me, and thats pretty cool.But I wont see her till next year, and that's not cool.
It seems a bit complicated, so I wont go into all the details.
But one thing I know is that I haven't been this happy for many years. It's such an amazing feeling. I used to feel like this heaps.But life seemed to slowly suck the joy out through every pore in my body. 
Hey don't get me wrong, my walk with my JESUS has been the best thing to ever happen to me, but it's the application of knowing HIM that changes things. It's the realization of HIS love for me that totally spins my mind every day. 
That joy is sooo cool, and deeper that anything this world could ever give me. 
But this girl is in my head and working her way into my heart. They are places that have been so emotionally damaged for years now. It's like GOD has laid this blessing upon my life. 
Now if anything eventuates for us, then that would be fantastic. But I so want it to be at GODS timing, and only by HIS will. 
Anything else.....I don't want!
Anyhoo me out. Ow and GOD bless you all.

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  1. God made us to have relationships; it only makes sense that you felt something missing. Now the challenge is to submit what draws you so strongly to God. I think very many relationships are terribly weakened by idolatry of the other. If both people relate to each other only after they have submitted the relationship to Christ then it is immeasurably strengthened. It's like the offering of first fruits in the Old Testament.

    May God bless you with discernment and with the holy desires of your heart.