Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today in a nut shell

I was sooo tired at work today. Like I was in some sort of fog. And it was cold also. S'pose I should wear long pants instead of shorts. lol.
Saw the Physio, who besides inflicting lots of pain on me, was also full of good advice about my love life and relationships. lol again to that. 
Went and gave blood too. Always a fun thing to do. Plus there is cordial and those little cheese wedges at the end. Didnt feel light headed like I usually do after the red stuff gets drained out. 
Home and lunch on the couch watching a movie. I woke up at 6pm. Man alive what a sleep. Ha, I think I needed that soooo much. 
Talked to the girlfriend on line, and it didn't go to well. I told her that if GOD is not for us it just wont work out. And she took that badly. That sucks, but if this aint the will of my father in heaven, then it will not work out. And if HE is not the center or my life, then I would eventually be sad no matter how great our lives would be together.
Hard call, but so true.
So its time for bed, and tomorrow will hold another set of adventures for me. I pray my LORD  will drop into my heart HIS path for my life. To honour HIM above all.
Bless you all, and hugs all around. Me out


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