Thursday, July 8, 2010

It is a new day

It is a new day, and I feel really good. It's like a full stop has been placed on a part of my life, and another direction must be faced. It's not that I want that full stop there, but there it is, and move on I must. 
The LORD is really great. Even when I can't quite understand why HE allows some stuff to happen. 
Today I have heard so much bad and sad things from other people about there lives. Friends of mine with such pain. 
And I know my JESUS lets that happen. And I know my JESUS cares for us all. So I know my JESUS has a reason for all of this. 
I think it's our responsibility to seek the LORD and HIS ways, so that we can be a light to those in the darkness of pain. And led them to the majesty and love of CHRIST. 
I found that lots of times this simply starts with tears and a big hug.
Me out. and a big hug to all.

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  1. Everything happen with reason and I do believe He never abandon us..He will walked with us..God Bless You..