Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Don't know what to say. Just gotta text from the ex' saying she is engaged. Totally devastated. I feel so al0ne and empty and just wanna die and be with GOD. So broken a feeling. It's like I've been run over by a truck again , and again, and again.  Anyone out there, please just pray for me if you got a chance. I feel so betrayed. And yet I love her sooo much.This sucks bad. 
Still I trust in the LORD. HE is the only reason I'm still hanging around on this planet. I hope HE takes me home tonight. 
But if my JESUS decides to keep me here, I really pray HE shows me what the heck I'm ment to be doing. 
Anyway, crying, depressed, sad, alone. Maybe a great time to press into the HOLY SPIRIT for some of that council, and comfort. 
Me out.

Ps. My life is the LORDS not mine. So it's not mine to take. Don't start thinking there.
  Bless all.

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  1. Oh Dave, I will be praying for you!