Saturday, July 10, 2010

Today again

Trying to think of something interesting to say, just to get a comment response from anyone. But alas there seems to be no muse evoking thoughts or notions of wisdom to impart here. 
So I will just ramble on as per usual. 
Why do my friends complain when I lead the way on our mountainbike saturday morning adventures. Is it the hills, or the rocks, or the puddles, or the septic pools of putrid smelling mud, that seem to be infested with mass amounts of efluent and Kangaroo poo. 
Why ow why am I the object of ridicule and abuse, just cause I prefer to go over a rock instead of around it. 
Is it just peer rivalry, or jealous co-riders. 
Or is it cause I make all manner of mistakes and crashes, and yells of high pitched exclamations.
Far be it for me to complain, but maybe it is because when people come on a MTB ride with me,,,then I am sure to do something really,really stupid. lol.

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