Monday, July 12, 2010


What a day so far. Uni games at work and busy as. Had to clean 2 rather filthy toilets. Worst I've seen in years. Some people must be anatomicaly built very strange. lol.
Went  to get a Chai Latte from the Den. And the lady there asked me if I was gay. Apparently she reaconed Chai Latte is a gay drink. So I asked for it in a dirty mug. 
Got a call and a text from my Cel. Whoot to that. Why can't I call her? Sucks.
Went for a ride at Lysterfield. Did the Drain twice, and all over the place. The tracks are butter at the moment. But rain is forcast for next few days. doh to that. But Janice rode so well. { My bikes called Janice.}
Got a text from a mate who I send scriptures to every day. I didn't today, so he reminded me. And as I had just ridden to the top of a big hill, I told him to look up Revelation about being and overcomer. Cool how the Holy Spirit moves us to see His example in every day happenings. Ow Rev.2:26, if your interested. 
Back to Trail Mix and the car as a friend rode by and told me she nearly invited me for dinner Sat. nite, cause she had ice-cream. I had said on Facebook how I wanted Ice-cream but didn't have any. And she saw this, but decided not to call me. THAT JUST SUCKS. I mean you don't do that to an ice-cream loving person. It's just not right. Either you feed em or don't tell em. Depression setting in. Lol
Well I'm showered, but not fed. Snags for dinner.
Blessing to you all. Ow did I say that I spent hours yesterday splitting timber at my mates place. My arms and back are killing me. The only part that doesn't hurt is the exdislocated shoulder. Go figure?
You all just keep being as beautiful as ever. May my beautiful LORD move upon your hearts and life.  
Me out.
Ps. The photo of the gum tree with the shadow at the bottom of it....well it may be a wet shadow. Sorry, I drank too much. lol.

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