Friday, July 2, 2010

End of day

It's the end of another day. And it's a Friday too. Gotta try and get a few rides in. Well praise GOD that's the plan anyway. 
I unintentionally hurt a friend yesterday, and It's left a really bad feeling in my heart. Didn't mean to hurt them, just happened that way. Am I a jerk? Yeah.
I really should listen for the still small voice of the blessed HOLY SPIRIT. 
Looking back, it was GOD talking to me, and leading me, but I just didn't listen to that wise council which comes from my LORD. 
And I got caught up in the ways of the world. And what I said was taken the wrong way. Dammit.
Sometimes a big mouth gets in the way. And a soft heart is damaged. 
LORD, I ask YOUR forgiveness, and I know that YOU do forgive me. Please grant me the opportunity to right what was wronged. And the wisdom to say what is from YOUR heart.

Well, It's late. I'm tired. And my bed is calling to me.
Ok, so it's not actually calling to me. You know what I mean. See ya, me out.

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