Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Home tired bed

Home from Bible school. It was cool. Lots on the HOLY SPIRIT, and HIS ways with, in, and through us. Well me at least. 
Got two bills in the mail. One from the Dept. of Human Service, and the other a gas bill. Ha, one was paid already, and the other, well I'm 700$ in credit. Yahoo to that man. 
Tired, so it's nearly time for beddy byes. Been really tired lately. Might be the cold weather. Well it's cold here in Melbourne.

So much hanging out for a ride. Hopefully tomorrow. 
A prayer:
Dear LORD GOD of my heart and life. Thanks for this day. For my family and work. For my friends and everything. Use me for YOUR kingdom LORD. Give me rest tonight, and if YOU choose to take me home to be with YOU before I wake, then all the better for me. Still, I pray, that YOU keep stirring my heart for YOU and YOUR ways. Praise YOU in all things dear LORD JESUS. Thank YOU for the beautiful HOLY SPIRIT. 

Well it's late, and this little munchkin is very tired. So it's goodnight to all. Ow, and even you. 
Me out.

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