Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday on my mind

It's a wonderful day today. Mostly, lol.
Got a phonoto? of church on Sunday.  In the back row is my son and beautiful daughter-in law. Well at least one of my sons. And at least one of my beautiful daughter-inlaws. He's third from the right. Ah, the Glory of the Lord is shining on him.
 I was hanging at the sound desk. My usual location. Didn't go riding after church. Went and had Pizza with Lawrence and Jen. Ow yeah, that was some nice Yum Yums. 
Dinner that night was at my good friends place up the hills. My oldest and his wife were there. Cool hey. 
We all sat around after and watched little Oliver trying to crawl around. Ha...a bunch of mature grown-ups making Goo goo sounds, and silly gestures. All to get the attention of a 4month old. Lol. 
Monday at work was busy. The Rugby Pavilion was trashed, and it took me the better part of two hours to clean. Good messy fun. 
That night watched a movie called Moon. Staring Sam Rockwell. Sort of liked it. In a, "This movie is annoying me," sort of way. 
Tuesday, [today] was, well is fine so far. Got Bible school tonight. Should be great. 
Still searching for what my LORD wants me to do with the rest of my life here. Um, the wait continues. 
Well, it's off to Maccas for dinner b4 Bible time. 
Please pray for me....if that is your habit.... to hear from the LORD about my life. Ta all. 
Me out.

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