Friday, June 25, 2010

Lack of a heading

Got nothing to say of interest at all today. 
So I'm typing in red pixeled letters.
Believe me this aint no poem, 
so it wont rhyme or reason, or much at all.
Just a short fill-in of time.
      Ah    time....let me tell you about time.
Well maybe at another....
Hay that's sort of funny. Or maybe not?
Thanks heaps Sue for the camera.
I will snap shots of bikes doing all sorts of silly things.
Like crashing and bashing and rolling trees, rocks, echidnas, [ouch puncture time], and kangaroos tails. Ha to that. Not really though.

Off to a surprise B'day party tonite. Ow yeah, hot food for dinna with friends. Gotta love that. 
It's raining. Like it's been raining all day. Well when I say all day. 
I mean a fair portion of it. 

Went to Mom and Dads after work. Dad had a thing cut out of his face. And has stitch's holding his cheek together. Praying for him to heal really well, and that my LORD will take care of all the results of the biopsy. Hay ya gotta love the LORD. HE is very cool. 
Well my Cinnamon tea has gotten cold, and I smell like I've worked all day. So time for a shower. Couldn't be bothered shaving. Got no one to kiss anyway. Ow that just sucks. Maybe one day. Hopefully before the LORD gets back. If not....then it won't matter. 
Bless you all, me out.

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