Friday, June 18, 2010

Right now.

Right now I'm sitting here, listening to Switchfoot, and sipping on my Lemongrass tea. Now that's one strong brew. 
The youngest has got his youth group out in the lounge, so I'm relagated to my walk in robe. Um, it also doubles as my computer room. And prayer closet. And junk room. Mostly junk room. lol.
Good day at work. Did you know the English netball team will be training at Monash sports next week. That's on my wonderfully cleaned floor.
Spoke to my mate who will be playing against the Poms. I asked her if it will be a friendly game. Her reply is that it is netball, and there is no such thing as a friendly game. Ouch...
Ow I feel so special. Wait a sec, that's what the school counselor called me all those years ago. 
Looks like I'm rambling a bit. 
Spose I just wanna go out for a ride. Going stir crazy here. 
The car is all loaded. Clean gear. Clean MTB. Ready to roll in the morn. Rain, hail, or shine. 
Listened to the first 4 albums by Led Zeppelin. Brought back memories of my youth. It's funny how in quiet times, or times of pain, or loneliness that I think of the decisions of my life. The good ones and bad. 
To look at where I am now, all the people who have crossed my path, the places I have seen. The lies I have told. The good deeds I have done. All the drops of sweat that have fallen from my brow. So many different noises and sounds. The cut fingers and toes from skateboarding. How many broken bones from TKD,and Karate. Hit lots of trees and rocks with my bikes. Doing summersalts onto the beach to impress the girls. The first time I kissed a girl. My first car. I remember jumping huge gaps from rock to rock at Carisbrook falls, and thinking I will not be able to do this one day, and seeing a photo of me doing this just a few years back, and realizing that day is now. The sadness of a broken heart that will never seem to heal. Feeling the love of my GOD, and having that moment chance my life forever. Having my Ibanez broken by accident, and blaming the ex, when it wasn't her fault. Me jerk. Seeing my three beautiful babies being born, and having to say goodbye to one. Ow, my 20th, so sick on champagne and vomiting all the way down the stairs....on my face. I sat on the beach at Black Rock and watched a thunder storm roll over the top of me. The time I prayed for so many people in Fiji, and hearing so clearly from the HOLY SPIRIT. Realizing how much in love with someone who doesn't love me I am. Standing in the school yard on my last day, knowing I will not be here again. Crying when Tombo died. We buried him in a box in the back yard. Going under for the third time, and being saved by a lady who just happened to see this little kid who couldn't swim. I still remember turning 10, and thinking I will never be single digits again. Seeing my first Japanese kid at school. Hiking in and out of Lake Tallie Khan? and getting huge blisters on both heals, and letting the pain drive me on to keep hiking all the way out to the school bus. Seeing flies having a feast on those blisters, then seeing black lines crawl up my legs from the poisoning in days to come. Dislocating my shoulder and praying in tongues to the LORD. Running up Ayers rock. Running up Mt. Juliet in a thunder storm, with leeches hanging off me. Hearing my Pop had died, knowing he was such a deep influence on my life...what a man of GOD he was. Seeing Alice Cooper live. Snorkling chasing stingrays,,,so quiet,,,,so alone. Riding in the snow. Cutting my self from those I love. Crying till my face hurt. Laughing till I cried. Feeling sad for my mom whose getting so old, and in pain. Seeing the back of the one who took my name. Wondering when I will be with the LORD and this life will come to an end. Thinking soon I will be going for a ride, and I can just forget my life for a few short hours. And just chase Kangaroos, dodge trees, slide over tree roots, roll over rocks, laugh with friends. Sweat so much, and press my helmet against my head and watch all the water run down my face. 
Me out.

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  1. I love you Dave... I love this blog too :)