Sunday, June 6, 2010

Off to church again.

Good morning everybody.
Well not everybody, cause it's not morning for you all. But I s'pose it will be soon enough. Unless you are reading this on the sunny side of the moon, where it is a constant state of as it is for, like, forever. But I think that a eclipse of the Earth between the Sun and the Moon could be roughly viewed as a type of morning. 
But I digress. Ever so slightly. Lol.
I'm going to church this morn. To worship my Saviour and LORD, with lots of like minded Christians like me. 
Or are they all like me? Maybe some are deeper into the things of GOD than me. Or some could be living a lie, and just be there for show, or to apease [how do you spell that word] a loved one.
Maybe they are seeking something to make their miseable life have meaning or hope. 
This could get depressing. Um, started off in such a happy mood. Lol, I still am. You know, I love the LORD sooo much, and even though lots of painful crap has happened in my life, I still trust in HIM. Amen to that. 
After church, it's off for a ride in the mud at Lysty. Then dinner tonight at friends. Will see my oldest there. [Who by the way, want's to do a Lord of the Rings marathon day][lol].
A prayer:
Use me LORD GOD to be a witness for YOU. Open my eyes to the opportunities that YOU place before me.   Amen.

Well blessing to you all. Me out.

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