Friday, June 4, 2010


Good day at work. Busy though. Lots of rubbish and dirt to move from point A, to point B. Ah the life of a cleaner. Lol. 
Saw me mom and dad this arvo, which is always interesting. Love em both to bits, but I was tired, so sort of mowed the lawns for em, then slept. Picked up my dining room table from mates house. Lent it to her for her engagement party. 
Gee, it almost sounds to exiting to believe. Ha .
My youngest had his youth group at my house tonight,so did a bit of house work. Um, only a bit. 
The oldest turned up too. So both my beautiful boys were home for a few hours. I am very blessed by these sons of mine. 
Been praying a lot lately for my family. For unity, and reconciliation. Now LORD, that would take a miracle. 
The car is packed ready to head of to Lysterfield in the morn. Yes, ok, via Maccas for breaky.
A prayer;
Dear LORD GOD, my saviour and friend. I ask for YOUR wisdom in all that I do. Open my ears to YOUR voice, and my heart to YOUR heart. May I still and quiet my soul to feel YOU. Thank YOU dear JESUS. Bless YOU HOLY SPIRIT. 

Well, nearly bed time. Bless you all. Me out.


  1. Dave, when you say "unity" I think of Ephesians, especially chapter four. God's peace be with you.