Monday, June 21, 2010

I had to wash my bike

Well work was good. I mean great. My boss, {whose B'day it is tomorrow}{so I better not forget to buy him a cake}{cause he's such a girly man}went to church on Sunday for the first time in 7 years. Ha, it was miracle after miracle. lol. Ya gotta love the LORD when HE gets on your case. Any way that's not what I'm writing about. Well it was, but no more. Even though it's a really good story, full of the wonder of GOD. And just the depth of HIS love for us all. 
Cool hey. 
Any way....MY DAY.... went a little like this. 
I woke up, and now I'm gonna sleep. With things going on inbetween. 
A bit more detail you say? Well, I think at least someone might say that. At sometime. Somewhere. 
After work, dropped into see the clown for some burgers, fries, and a Chai Latte. Which was ment to be a Peppermint tea. I think Ronald needs his ears dewaxed. Then I sped on to Lysterfield for an MTB adventure. 
Headed out and rode along Eumemering track, unless there are any Rangers reading this. Then I didn't do that. Cause we all know that's an illegal trail. Yes-and don't forget that.
Then I rode single track all along the side of Wellington rd., till I got to Cardinia dam. Only had bout 1km of the black stuff. There was places where, I had water up to my axials, and grass up to my axials, and mud up to my axials. 
I got bogged it all this really putrid mud. It was foul smelling, yuck.
At the end of a ride, I usually smell bad enough through my own outpourings, BUT the odour from me and the ride was BLAHHH after that adventure into what can only be described as a decomposing camels intestinal tract. 
Ok. not really that bad. Rode along some really beautiful trails I have never done before. 
GOD really is go very great. There were a few places today that were so quiet and peaceful,{and didn't smell}. 
It is really such a blessing that I am able to call on my LORD, and know HE is there. No matter what the time of day is, or what the weathers doing. HE has me in the palm of HIS hand, and so very much thinks I am worthwhile. Now that's something you can't buy.
A prayer:
Dear LORD GOD of my life. 
Thank YOU so very much for creating me, and loving me. For giving me a hope through YOUR SON JESUS. 
Bless my family, that they will all come to know YOU, and trust in YOU. 
LORD, to any one reading this right now, I ask a special blessing upon them of hope, and worth from YOU to fill their hearts. 
Thanks heaps FATHER GOD. 

Well that's about it from me today. I hope your day is going well. 
Drop me a line if it is, even if it isn't. I would love to pray for ya. 
I'm all clean and ready for beddy bys. My bike is all washed and resting in the lounge....YES of course in the lounge. It's freezing outside. Not leaving my bike outside. 
So bless you, and see you on the trails. Or wherever. lol. 
Me out.


  1. Dave, my wife is pregnant with our first, a son, and his day is fast approaching. Could be any time now. Please pray for God's peace to be upon us during the labor (which we're doing at home) and for a hedge of protection to be around her and the baby. Thanks

  2. The God of all wonder and love, so be around you guys at this most amazing time. So much love to prayers to you all.