Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wet feet

Slept in like so much today. Sort of great thing, this sleeping in. You wake up smiling, and wanting to sing.
Um, well not really. Ha. Off to church which was ok, sort of. You know those days when the world just annoys you, and even those wonderful brothers and sisters at church. Bless em. didn't annoy me Jonbob. And sorry I didn't mention that I saw you and Leelee yesterday. 
Had to leave early, cause I had organized a ride at the lake for 12. Should have made it later. The message was on forgiving those that have hurt and offended you. 
Dude, do I still suffer from heaps of pain about that. Still, I know that my LORD has HIS hand on my life. And I also know that not a single thing has been allowed to happen to me, that my GOD has not had a say in. 
Still hurts though. OUCH and botherations.
Got to the lake and went for a ride with Gary. The guy rides a 29, and I ride a 26. Still, i will not look down on him for that. Ha, he rides better than me too. lol
Headed out to Beaconsfield through back tracks and roads. Through a paddock to avoid a river over the road. We've had lots of rain here you know.
But we had to stop at this creek at the Harkaway scout camp. Sort of quick flowing, deep, wet, muddy thingie. So we rode around the scout camp, unless you are a scout reading this. Then we didn't ride around the scout camp. 
And back to the Mix we headed. This time not stopping at the river [first one] [now I'm getting confused], but riding right through it. Um funny bout the wet feet. lol. 
I s'pose if you want to get picky, then the first river crossing was really a creek. And the second one wasn't really a creek, but a river. Which makes the second one on the way back a creek, not a river. Unless of course it wasn't. Deep hey. The thought, not the river. I mean creek...or what-ever.
Just hung around the Mix for a while. Chatting and washing dishes. Still in my wet bike shoes, with the wonderful soggy socks as well. 
Home. clean up. dinner.TV. and now here. 
So, where does this leave us...huh....maybe at the end of this blog. You may well think so. But let me reassure you of this.....OW OK YOU ARE RIGHT ONCE AGAIN... me out.

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