Saturday, June 12, 2010

The ride.

Had a great ride with Graham and Ra today. Only bout 25kms. Did one of the biggest hills around. Ryans road. 
Now that's a front wheel tapper. {That's where the slope is so steep that the front wheel just touches the track. And tends to bounce around a bit}. Ow yeah, my lungs were in my throat, and my legs were on fire. But I did it. So did Gray and Ra. Bit of drizzle, but not enough to worry bout. 
Riding around Bird Land Reserve and {forgive the language but] I wiped my face with my glove, and it smelt real bad. Thought I had crushed a stink beetle. Wish I had. I yelled out "Crap". And Ra said, "What". I said again, "Crap". He replies, "What's crap?". "No, there's crap on my glove, and my gripshift, and my face." I said.
I'd got a swag of Kangaroo poo flicked up from the track onto my gloves. Lol. 
The rest of the ride just stank. Lol again. Saw heaps of Roos today. 
Coming back along Logan rd. and passed 3 horse riders. One wanted a race. So for the next half K. it was on. She buried me though. Lol. That horse of hers just flew off the mark. I had no chance. Ha. Did keep pace after a little bit. But man alive, that animal can take off dude. 
Well home now. Gloves in the wash, and me all showered and spotless. Heading out to TGI's for a steak with Lawrence. 
Bless all. Me out.

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  1. Only about 25km????

    Im lucky to get out 1. Love you dad.