Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A potty day.

Got a call from the oldest..."What's ya doing after work dad?"
"Nothing." Was the intelligent return. I'm pretty quick with the come back. Lol. 
Any how, ended up the Dandynongs with Ben and Ange. We were Tea Pot hunting. 
This little shop we went to was, like, the ultimate tea joint. I mean, if you were to rewrite the alpabet, it would start with the letter "T". 
Ow yeah, this was teapot heaven. 
The Mecca of brewage coveyancing? recepticles. 
A regular plethora of pottery pourers.

The china syndrome cemetry. {In a good way}
The dried Camellia steeping Ironstone outpourers.  
Um, I think you get the idea. 
Picked up two little beauties. And some cups.
Gotta get a better camera.

A poem:
I got a little teapot,
and on it lives a Dragon.
How cute this little teapot,
not a kettle, or a flagon.
In it will go some tea leaves,
of lots of different potions.
From wonderful distant far of places,
away across the oceans.
So I hope my Dragons fire proof, 
as you can plainly see. 
When boiling waters in the pot, 
He will burn his tummy.

Ha, how lame. It is very late. Bless you all. Me out.


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  1. They are pretty cool teapots Dave, I love teapots :)