Sunday, May 23, 2010

And I thought I was fine?

Thought I was so getting over the X, when at church tismorn, my youngest told me she was in town till Tuesday. Ow yeah, I freaked. Well internally any way. SUCKS to still be in love.
You know LORD, I so wanna be over her. And yet I so don't.
A dicotamy of thought's. Um, maybe the wrong word. And spelt wrong. But deal that is big.
 Had a good MTB ride with Graham. Pushed it hard for a quick lap of the Blair Witch, the Comms track, and Buckle.
Now off to bed. Alone. Pathetic. Single. Miserable.
But on a lighter note, did you know that since I got the chest waxed, [damm that hurt], I don't get any belly button lint. Now that is amazing. Don't you think? Also think they ripped of one of my nipples. Ow that's not right. And I'm not Metrosexual, as my young friend Jen tells me. Lol.
Praise YOU LORD JESUS, use me tomorrow for YOUR kingdom cause. So glad YOU still love me.
There is a point where the Potter makes the clay just the way HE wants it to be. HE'S not wrong in this, cause basicly, HE is the one doing the creating.

Me out.

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