Friday, May 7, 2010

Ow yeah

This day needs a diff. font. Um yeah. Well had a busy day behind the broom. Meetings and time sheets, and tea and cake, and seeing Mom n Dad. Shopping and cooking stirfry. Ow that was some good veggies.
Life sometimes looks like the last few sheets of a toilet roll. Or like a cloud that you can't quite make out what it looks like.
Track building day at Lysterfield tomorrow. I wanna ride, but berm building is still cool. Then I get to ride it, crash and burn. lol 
I still so miss contact, and estrogen in the house. Still that's the way it is. 
 Thoughts are running a two different levels.
What's on the surface, and what swims around just below that.
But what lurks deep down under there?
Way down where sunlight and hope don't reach.
Where dreams of fear move silently and thickly. 
Where I don't want to journey.
Where I don't want to go.
Where I can feel the coldness of death, and decay. 
Ow GOD, I think I need chocolate.....NOW.

Hay that was like my first attempt at a Blog poem. Ha lol to that. 
Anyhow, I need sleep. Breaky at Maccas in the morn, with my mates. Sugar me clown boy. Ha. Me out.

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