Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hay anyone. Big day. Up and to Macca's for breaky. Picked up GT and then to Lysty for a ride with the guys. Big hills, and lots of em. Ow the pain. Robs second last day at the Mix,, so sort of sad hey. Home. Picked up DeeDee from work, and dropped her off at a party. Then to a pub at Doveton for Robs farewell. Had a really bad cramp in my L hammy while there. NOW THAT HURT HEAPS. Home all tucked out. 
Church in the morn, praise YOU LORD, then back to the Mix for Robs last day there. I think he will be pretty hung over. lol. 
Dear JESUS, please look after Rob and Amanda, and there two beautiful girls. Ta LORD. 
Cool, that's all me out

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