Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Number One

Ow yeah. This is so hard to see. lol. I think it's time to change this. That's better. After work, just hung out at home. Watched Sherlock Holmes while munching away on a cheese Kranskie. Read and listened to the book of Romans this arvo. Fantastic word. LORD YOU spell out salvation so well there.
Dear GOD, help me to seek deeper into YOU and YOUR ways. LORD JESUS, help me to do YOUR will, and to be a light to this dead and sinful world. Hay YOU know I would rather not be here, but in Heaven with YOU. Still YOU decide to wake me up every morning. One day YOU will not. And on that day, I will rejoice in YOUR presence. Praise YOU always.
Loneliness is such a horrible experience, still that is where I am at the moment. I so miss contact. I so miss the ex. I so miss coffee, I so miss chocolate. Lol. I'm an idiot.
A very nice pie and Earl Gray tea I had at Walhalla a few months ago. Lol.
Bless you all. Me out

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