Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother Day so far

Up at 7. Did my strengthening exercises for the ex-disclocated shoulder. Put a load of washing on. Breaky and read the word for half hour. Washed and lubed the MTB.[ What a mess from yesterdays ride]. Picked up flowers for mom. Picked up Maccas for M and D. Off to see Mumma. She loved the flowers, lol, i'm back in the will. Saw me brother and nephew and niece. Off to church where my baby was. Ok he's 21, married, and all growed up. Home for lunch. Now of to Eltham north to another nieces, for Mothers day afternoon tea. Damm, it's only 12.42, and I'm stuffed. lol
Thank YOU LORD for this top day. Dear GOD, I feel sorry for my two boys that they wont see their mom for mothers day. I hope they contact her. Please bless her dear JESUS. I miss her. 
Anyhow, her I go into the wide blue yonder. Me out.

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