Saturday, May 15, 2010 here

Another day has come and past.
I sit here typing, not so fast.
And wonder, will rhyme even last.

Ow yeah. Me no poet, and I know it. 
Why do I even bother. lol.
Well today was good. But ow so tired yet again. Work...ok... Has muffins hot outta the oven from the Den. Ow that's the stuff. Apple and cinnamen. Nice. 
Later had coffee with Karren and Nic. So I had tea.  Wonder how I got any work done. Ha. 
Saw the Phsio. Shoulder doing well. Will trash it tomorrow on the MTB. 
Had a sleep at M and D's. Then mowed there lawn. 
Home via video shop and BBQ chook joint. 
Went through a sad few hours. Loneliness is a hard taskmaster at times, but my GOD is so good to me. You know I wanna thank YOU LORD JESUS for letting me feel the love YOU have for me. So cool. 
Well the washing load is now hanging all over the lounge room, gotta do my teeth, then it's off to dreamland. 
Did I say I was tired? 
Up early, then off to visit the clown for some breaky before hitting the hills at Lysterfield. 
See all later. Ok, so there's no-one there. But there could be. Ow lol to that. 
Me out.

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