Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday on my mind

Ok now, today was done and dusted. Not much to say though. Work was good. But man did it rain, and it was cold as. That will teach me for getting my top half waxed. You know that still hurts. Brazilian me.....NO WAY MAN. 
Praying in the shower, which by the way I liked better when I had a hairy back[it just felt normal then],and I just want a def. word from GOD as to what I'm to do with this life, and about my ex. and stuff. And I get the distinct impression that I am to seek my first love, which is not the ex, but the LORD JESUS CHRIST. 
To all you non christian types out there, this is not a weird thing, but a seeking after a relationship with the very one who created me. 
It's wanting the company of the one who is/ should be the most important thing in my life. 
Um...and that's more important than a physical relationship with another human. But leads to a desire to be with people, to love them and help them, and show them my GOD JESUS.
Still want a wife to have and hold, and love, and care for. Ow well, GOD knows all this. And I complain about it enough. Doh. Such is the adventures of me. 
And on a lighter note, I had bread roll, and cheese crackers, and Homus, and dbl. Brie for tea. Now that was beeeeeeaaautiful. 
Me out.

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