Friday, May 21, 2010

How many?

I just realized that I have never counted the teeth in my mouth. I mean, I'm 50 years old, and in all those years, and all that teeth cleaning, I have never once counted my teeth. I really don't know how many there are.
I got no baby teeth left. Woo yeah ... long gone.
My four wisdom teeth got pulled out by my uncle. [Um, he was a dentist.] [So that's cool.]
Wisdom teeth. Ow that's rich. I think my wisdom left with em. Ow I digress.
The bottom molar on the left has long gone. Lost that up at Atherton on the Tablelands. But that's another story. Well not really a story. Boring actually. 
The one next to that had root canal surgery, and a nice cap put on top. Now there was 2.500bucks I could have spent on chocolate and lollies. 
Right front got head butted in half by my old Kung fu instuctor. He just got the hit in a split second before me. There I was spitting out blood and bits of pearly white enamel on the floor, and all he said was, KEEP FIGHTING. 
Now that's capped. And been hanging in there for over 20years. Pretty good hey!
So now I just sit here. Drinking my herbal tea, with maple syrup shooters. Not counting my teeth, but leaving it a mystery for the ages.   Me out.

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