Monday, May 31, 2010

Home at last

What a weekend. Ow, and plus Monday. Drove to Taralgon to buy a big teddy bear for a friend at work who had a bubba on Thursday. But the shop was shut. Too bad. Went to disposals store and bought two pairs of gloves for camping, and a beanie.
Then to Rawson caravan park. It was raining like most of the time. I was praying and reading the Word, pushing into GOD to seek to find out what HE wants me to do with this life. Didn't ride today, cause I was going to sleep in the van, and wasn't going to share floor space with a muddy MTB. 
Went to the local for dinner. STEAK. 
Benny and Angie turned up and had a meal with me. They came all the way from Melb.Ben said he would be back in the morn to go deer hunting while I go MTBing.
A few shots of the van. It was so wet. And it rained all night long. 
But it was great to hear the rain on the roof of the bus.
In the morn, I tried to get signal on the mobile, but nogo. Was gonna tell Benny Boy not to bother coming back as it's tooooo wet. But he rocked up anyhow. He got all cammoed up, Loaded with bow and arrows, and off he headed into the bush,
I got all armoured up and slipped off down a hill on the bike, looking for mud and slush. Heaps of both around. 
Saw Ben on my way down to the Thomsom river.I had to push my bike up Mormon Town track, then along the old trail to Walhalla. 
Had a cuppa at the Grey Horse coffee shop. The lady wouldn't let me use the dunny there,as I was sort of covered in mud from head to foot. Ha. loved the mud. 
The skys opened up again, and it was pouring. that.
Back to the Thomson Bridge, took a right, and started the 4km climb back to the caravan park. Met up with Benny on the way back. He didn't see any deer, [thank goodness], and we walked back to the park. He was picking leeches of himself. Had one between his front teeth. Yumm, tasty. Lol.
Moved into a cabin, so we showered and had a late lunch at the Rawson Inn. 
Ben left for home, and I started praying and trying to press into GOD. 
It seemed like I just couldn't hear from the LORD, and it was frustrating me. Just wanna hear what HE has for me. 
Any ideas?
Had a great nights sleep in the cabin. It was warm and dry. Outside it was cold and wet. 
Still listening for YOU LORD. I will not give up. 
In the morn, drove back to Walhalla, then of to Taralgon again. Ow yeah, the shop was open so I was able to get a real cute teddy bear for my friend. 
On way home went shopping at a small town. Got another beanie, [I think I collect them now] and a couple of real beaut tea cups. 
Home...and hour washing bike, clothes and me. 
And here I am. 
A prayer:;
LORD GOD talk to my heart and mind. Let me hear YOU dear JESUS.Thanks for a great weekend, and for keeping me safe, and for Ben and Ange getting home safe. 
Dear FATHER, lead me to YOUR will. Guide me tonight in my sleep.And if YOU choose to take me home to be with YOU tonight, then all the better for me. But if I wake tomorrow, then lead me for YOUR ways. Ow yeah LORD, to serve YOU. 

Well it's late. I'm tired, and I have work tomorrow. Bless all. 
Me out.

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