Friday, May 28, 2010


Well the weekend has finally arrived. You beaut. I've got Monday off, so decided to go away for a few days. Come on, give me a break, I haven't woken up somewhere else for a long time.
So half packed the van, [had to clean the bike][covered in mud n' dirt from Lysty,] finish off in the morn. 
Staying at Rawson caravan park. Sat night I will sleep in the van. And Sun,Ive got a cabin. 
Ow bike....and my bible. 
Really going to seek my JESUS these days. Just gotta get a hold on what HE wants me to do. 
Tell ya what, that movie I saw last night just blew me away. So much wanna do HIS will. To walk by faith in the Almighty. Ow yeah to that.
Praying for my family. For unity. For all of them,[and me] to desire GOD over anything else. Now that's a life well spent.
Will do a night ride if the weather holds out. Sorta gotta be careful, cause I will be up the sticks, and if I loose it there, it's a long wait for a train don't come. 
A prayer:
Dear JESUS, I ask YOU LORD GOD to move on my heart. To mold it to YOUR desire. 
I mean YOU are my creator, The Potter of my life. 
HOLY SPIRIT of GOD, keep me safe to do YOUR will. 
May my feet walk YOUR way. 
My hands do YOUR will. 
My ears listen to YOUR call. 
My eyes look YOUR way.
My mouth speak YOUR word.
My mind think YOUR truths. 
My heart cry for what moves YOU.  Amen dear Saviour.

Well nearly beddyby time. So bless you all. 
Me out.

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