Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sad day at the Mix

Slept in. Off to church, which was OK. Glad CHRIST my lord is not dependent on me being in a spiritually hyped up mood. Ha, HE was and is and forever will be lord over me. No matter what.
After church, me and Jen went to Macca's, then dropped her off home. So then me to Lysterfield for a short ride with Graham, before a sad farewell to Rob at the shop. 
Will really miss him. He helped me on my journey through divorce. You know how certain people make a diff. in life. Well he was one of those who is a friend and mate. 
All these feelings of aloneness crept in this arvo. So miss my exwife. YOU know LORD GOD, I so want her back. It's strange, cause I know HE has, and does hear my prayers. And yet from my veiwpoint nothing seems to be happening. BUT I still believe, and always will. 
Work on the morrow. Will try to get a ride in after that. Ow yeah, that would be cool. So much track building to be done. But so little time. Gun club sooo needs a prune.  
Tired, so time for bed. You know.....the will of GOD will always win out. I mean, it is HIS creation that I have been placed into. HE is the author and is sovereign. Ow, and I am HIS creation too. 
Um, so I spose that's it, till the next fun filled thrill packed episode. Ow lol to that. 
Anyho.. me out.

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  1. Um, think I will not try to change the colour on the next blog. What a dogs dinner. lol