Monday, May 24, 2010

This day is done.

A day of stress, and prayer. 
Part of me can't wait till tomorrow night, when I know she will be heading back to NSW. Or I think she is. Another part of me who misses her so much just want's her back. 
Ow well. I'm on the carousel of life, just wondering if I'm on the right horse.  Hey I like that . Well, the saying, not the feeling. lol. 
Watching Earth Sea. Like this show. It's sort of cool. 
Wondering if I should slowly pull away from my two boys and their wives. As all the pain of being divorced and the hurt from that is taking it's toll on my heart so much. Such a horrible place to be. 
Todays prayer:
LORD GOD I so want to do YOUR will, and to walk in YOUR ways. LORD I pray to listen for YOUR voice, to look for YOUR direction for my life. I really want YOU to take me home to be with YOU, but if YOU don't want this for me yet, then I ask YOU  to guide me in this life. YOU know I'm not the sharpest tool on the shelf, so I ask YOU to please make YOUR  direction for me pretty obvious. Ta LORD JESUS. Trusting in YOU always. Amen. 
 Hay LORD sunrises are so beautiful. Just wanted to write that. 
Me out.
 Me and my babies.

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