Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the pain

Good day at work. Then off to get a wax. Well heck, it was one of the things on my Bucket list. How do women get this done all the time? It hurts a lot. I mean a LOT. My shoulders, back, arms, and chest. It felt like my nipples were getting ripped off. It was half price tuesday, so it only cost me 48bucks. That didn't make it hurt any less. lol. Took young Jen to counceling. Me to Bible school. First of 3 weeks on FAITH. Ow yeah, GOD YOU are really good. Faith is such a wonderful thing. 
Anyhow, very tired, sore, and cool. Wonder how much weight I lost through hair lose? lol LORD please look after my boys and their beautiful wives. Please take care of the ex, and talk to her heart. And let me sleep tonight. This hair loss is so weird.
Me out.

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